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As a professional Personal Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Every body is unique, with its own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.  Stay home, workout with your FAMILY and save TIME!

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At-Home Private Training

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Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a FREE 30 minutes consultation today!


At-Home Massage Therapy

A Healthier You

Swedish, Deep tissue and Aroma Therapy massages are offered to you at the comfort of your own home.


Online Fitness Classes

Strength & Stamina

Online training ( at the comfort of your home) is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Whatever your goal may be, whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance in no time.

Three and a half years ago I was a 40 pound over weight  “too busy to take care of myself mom of five” . And then I met Kobi Julian and we sat down and talked about being moms and our lives before we were moms and we talked about all the excuses to not take the time to workout . I’ll never forget what Kobi said that changed my life forever “we all have the same amount of hours in our day- 24- what are you going to do with yours ?”
Immediately I started on my road back to a healthy me with Kobi and her A45 workout program . When I started I couldn’t even do a sit up without Kobi holding my feet! I started slowly : working out once a week at first and building my strength and endurance until I was working out 5 days a week !
A45 is such a fun,  creative and versatile workout . It combines cardio and stregth training perfectly and you never get a chance to get bored because the exercises change every 45 seconds ! It’s my favourite way to start my day! Thank you Kobi!

Soda P.

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